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Help What's wrong with Kies?

I downloaded and installed the latest version of Samsung Kies on XP but I can't get my Galaxy Ace to connect to it. I don't know why. It just says "Connecting..." perpetually and goes nowhere. Frustrating to say the least. Has anyone else had the same problem? :mad:

Yes it seems a few have had the same problem just reinstall its the USB drivers !!
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Elbmek, do what I did... make sure you're running the latest chipset driver for your PC/laptop and have the latest updates. I didn't even have SP1 installed before I tried the first time. Once I installed SP3 voila! I was able to connect. I wish someone could make a Kies alternative for Linux. There are some things I still can't do without Windoze...
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Had exactly same problem as mail at start of thread - cannot link phone to Kies via usb, but can link phone direct to PC via same USB port without Kies, and can connect any other device as well and they work.
It WILL link to Kies if degug is ticked on
It is no good blaming windows [ mine is XP SP3 fully up to date] the fault is with the Kies or the phone. It is unreasonable to suggest upgrading an existing PC for Samsung's failings!

Does anyone have real solution do this?, or will it be ok to use Kies with the debug left on permanently to update firmware and add other data??
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