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Whatsapp Web via mobile internet modem


I recently got a mobile 4G Modem as my main internet connection due to moving to a more rural area. The internet coverage is great, everything works. download free ringtone at: https://ringtonesfree.info/

BUT. The modem fails to run whatsapp web, when both - PC and phone are connected to it. When refreshing the web page on the PC, it says "Trying to reach phone. Make sure your phone has an active internet connection."
When only PC is connected to the modem, but the phone is using it's own data - everything works flawlessly. Mp3 ringtones download at: phoneringtones.info

The provider doesn't see any problems on their end.

So, has anyone had the same problem? Are there any suggestions to try?
Of course, I have tried to restart all my devices. Android ringtones: https://klingeltonemp3.info/
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