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Where can I see the default settings?


Android Enthusiast
Feb 26, 2013

Where can I see the default settings of my phone? And where to see the defaults of pull down bar (swipe down from top and the buttons to on/off items will appear)?

I mean I wish to see what are the defaults, is there a list somewhere?

I am using Samsung Galaxy S4.

For example defaults:
My device>Display>Auto-rotate screen is ticked.
My device>LED indicator>Charging is ticked.
Pull down bar (swipe down from top), Sync is selected.

There's no list. AFAIK the only way to see default settings is go through the various settings and see. If you haven't changed a setting, then that's the default.

The problem is a kid used my phone for a few hours, and I did not know what settings he changed. I mean I am not sure what are the defaults too, some settings might have been turn off/on by him.
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