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White Stylo and possible OTA?


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Apr 2, 2015
I was on the MetroPCS website and noticed that they are now selling a white colored Stylo, no signs of this on the T-Mobile site though. I also noticed that there's a new entry in the LG open source website, says version 10L.
It says LolliPop, no sign of MarshMallow yet still...

I wonder if 10L will be able to be ported to us or if the device is the same in anyway or any hardware differences. Also noticed it's not listed as a LGMS631 this time it's a LGh631 (T-Mobile model name).

Got curious and searched MS631 and there's a 10L for us too, http://opensource.lge.com/osSch/list?types=ALL&search=MS631 maybe it's a prep update in order to take and get MM.
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hi this is a grey stylo 5.1.1.i have a samsung galaxy prime that i rooted with the same tools as with the lg ,this one is stuck black screen yellow triangle, on top of screen 'Custom binary blocked by
SECURE FAIL:KERNNEL]. back to lg what about the flashing rom to gain wifi status again ?
Is it the Galaxy Core Prime G360T1~> http://rootmygalaxy.net/restore-met...m-g360t1-to-stock-android-5-1-1-lollipop-rom/

Follow those directions if so...

And theres this too http://androidforums.com/threads/custom-binary-blocked-by-frp-secure-fail-kernel.983271/
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so the 50 dollar question can i git my wi fly home ta roost Ladys and gentlemen?
gon ta twitter 4 a bit , @peaceOmind22 if y'all fol/back ✌
I was the first person to get the White Stylo from MetroPCS...

Android Version: 5.1.1
Kernel Version: 3.10.49
Build #: LMY47V
Software version: MS63110J

Model #: LGMS631
Hardware Version: Rev. 1.0

When was the official release date for the white?
thanks for the contact,not sure how white stylo came up ,i have all grey version, ms631 5.1.1 made 12/2015. problem is the one i have is a warranty replacement. it had another phone number on sid card.so eho knows what use it had befor i got it.there is a problem with the wifi ,a you tuber has a vid about flashing on n off wifi switch on pull down screen, but alas i had already cooked da goose..... but no my phone is all gray..bb225
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hey Blu8 ,downloading sumthing from there ,instalation process? ur like a new family member :)
I also have a samsung galaxy grand prime , that has the custom binary blocked by FRP , ALL this is NOT SPAM.My lack of knowledge in this field led me to purchase the lg stylo thinking the samsung was permently bricked.I have now learned that in obtaining a usb cable there is a program(s) that can be run to get back into it.There are 11 recovery logs on the samung first 2 unnumbered the rest 1 through 9
/cache/recovery/last_log.9 is exactly as its worded.Please again this is not spam this is an old hippy try'n ta b nifty.. (it ryhmes ok ... Ha ha ha) what ever fix is easier (lg no wifi) or samsung my disability money comes wenz'D, so i can get back ta my own device(this my friends)
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