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Why Can't I Upload Pics To Specific Facebook Photo Albums Anymore?


May 4, 2011
I have an HTC Incredible 2. Over the last few weeks with all the changes on Facebook, I have found that when I try to upload pictures, they just post to my wall and fall into the "Mobile Uploads" album, whereas before I could choose which album they went into. Any suggestions? I've tried everything! Thanks.:)
Not sure if you have tried this yet, but, what I did to fix this issue is to use a third party app called - QuickPic. It allows you to choose which app you want to upload to including Facebook for HTC Sense(I have the HTC Sensation by the way). This app also allows you to choose multiple pictures to upload at once and lastly, it allows you to create a new album to put your newly uploaded pictures into instead of just "Mobile Uploads"(make sure that if the "Create Album" option isn't listed, you would need to scroll all the way to the top of your list to find it. Hope this helps.
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I have a FB Page for my business- the Profile is not visible, only the business Page. The Android FB app only allows photos to be uploaded to the Page's Wall photos- it won't upload to a specific (or new) Album for that Page. It only uploads to the Profile's albums...the MyAlbum facebook uploader does the same thing. Suggestions as to how to upload images to an Album in a Page?
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chanchan, I did try Friendcaster- it downloads pics to the Profile, not the Page..unless I'm missing something in a setting, somewhere...?
I also tried MobilePageManager- that uploaded pics to the Page, but only one at a time, and it doesn't allow creation/management of Albums...unless I missed a setting somewhere...?
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On friend caster, when uploading a picture: open gallery>share picture to friendcaster>there's a dropdown menu there that lets you choose which album.
I think they broke the FriendCaster app with a recent update. I was always able to pop photos into the Wall Photos album, but that option to put in that album is no longer there on the latest version (just lists all my other albums, but not the "Wall Photos" one.

Bacon, you method works great .. and I may check out the MyAlbum Android app, as that looks like it'll be quite good.

Hope they fix the Friendcaster App though (only broken since they went to v4.x)
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After 4 hours of non-stop trying to get this work (plus the 10 other hours over the last few months) i figured out a solution that fixes EVERYTHING.

First, there is the share option from the gallery's "share" button.
You have "facebook" which will post to your wall, this is the same as the new "camera" thing that facebook just released. They are the same in one.
The other is "facebook for mytouch" this is how you upload to your albums.

Problem for MANY people, including me, is this was giving a failed upload and not saying why.

So to fix it
- Make sure under "accounts and sync" that the facebook for mytouch has your current password. Mine didn't even give an error stating it was the wrong password.

- And the big one....
You need to log into facebook.com and select EACH album, and change the privacy settings to something, just change it from what it currently is and change it back!
For some reason that was causing it. I saw online i had "custom" but on my phone it was saying "friends of friends" on another it was saying "friends" on both and was working fine.

I will take a lucky guess and say during a FB update (server side) they changed the way the privacy works which glitched it with our phones apps.

So its a simple fix!

I tested it with 5 different albums and everytime just by changing the privacy settings, it fixed them 1 at a time.

Hope this helps others!
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Go to the Facebook App -> Go to "Photos" on the left menu (under Apps)-> hit the "+" button -> Select your picture -> You'll be asked to provide a caption. Just scroll up and you'll see an icon of a photo with a plus symbol. Click on this and select the album you want to upload it to.

The new fb version the plus cymbol is gone now and I can't select what album I want. The picture to go to , anyone have a fix ? I don't want to use another app to do it only the fb app ?
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... i figured out a solution that fixes EVERYTHING.

- Make sure under "accounts and sync" that the facebook for mytouch has...
What on earth is Mytouch?

(It's not Android, and it's not Facebook, and it's not applicable for all Facebook users on Android phones, and it doesn't fix everything. So: )

New Facebook version again today, v 1.9.2. Facebook's shortlived "Camera" is now gone, and the other functionality seems about the same as before - there are photos, there are photo albums, but photos can't be put in photo albums. (Great.) Or has anybody found a solution within the Facebook app?

Over to third-party apps: For the time being I use Speedy Uploader instead to share my Android's gallery pictures to a specific album on Facebook. It's really quick & easy, it's possible to tag people but it seems impossible to add a location to the photos.

Photo upload, to any album, with tagged people, with photo location.
That's how to put photos on Facebook (and it's not too much to expect of any code snippet that claims to handle Fb photo uploads).
But does any (free) third-party app do it?
Does Friendcaster do the whole trick? I haven't tried it out myself (yet). ;)
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Not sure what is wrong with FB developers but they seem to be removing essential functionalities one after the other. Why would anyone remove such great feature... very strange.

In any case, I am also using the Speedy Loader and the Quick Upload function let me select into which album to upload or even upload to my pages.
This is exactly what the FB app should be doing.
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