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Why do people like Handcent?

I am wondering too. I would like to make the sms app look better the the default as its kind of colorless, but I do not use handcent because the only decent looking theme is the iphone one, and I dont want to make my phone resemble an iphone lol. I would simply be happy simply adjusting the colors of the default app.

Maybe I missed something too.
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1.) MMS messaging.
2.) Custom chat style; I have the Handcent one, which looks like the iphone one with white and green. I had this and stopped and said..."wait, why do i want to be like an iPhone? I have a droid. I can customize! So my background is black, my bubbles are red and teal. Much cooler, everyone oogles over it because they already think I have an iPhone for some reason.

3.) Quick Text; I can reply to text's quickly without going into the actual program.

4.) Chomp SMS doesn't do MMS. If it does, I'll consider it.

5.) Default bored me.

6.) My battery life is fine. I get through 12-14 hours days easily with moderate-borderline heavy use.
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handcent is great. i like the pop up notifications, the ability to customize almost about anything you want as opposed to the conversation settings. i have my skin set to android cause why would i want my droid to look like an iphone? hahaha. it also has the ability to setup your own signature. i don't think the native app lets you do that.
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Because I can send picture MMS through it without having to crop them first. The camera on the Hero frquently produces files over the 1 meg message limit of the native app.

Handcent still prompts me to crop/resize every image I send via MMS. What am I doing wrong? The app is up to date. I have never sent a picture where I didnt have to do that?
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