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Help Why does not a part of the page show?


Jan 30, 2022
Why are some blocks in a webpage not visible when viewed on the phone, but in windows? I have tried to change to desktop mode, but then get an error message, Service Error in '/' Application, Runtime Error. See screenshot below.

A page I am using for my work have two primary columns with rows in them. The rows contain source and target text. I work as a translator and this is the client's Editor in which you open and do the job. So you look at the source text in the source field and translate it in the target field. Like it was two excel rows in columns beside each other. They are then a connected pair, saved in a translation memory. These two columns can be scrolled down as far as the source text rows go.

Beside the two columns are a fixed column/block with suggestion from a translation memory, term bank or other. And below this block you have another block with context material, like text or image. Below the two primary columns you have some blocks showing statistics etc about the job, phrases, etc that are shown all the time. You also have a top menu with different features.

The problem is no that in my phone I can only see the two main columns with rows with source and target segments in each row field. But I can't see the third column/block beside them that contain suggestions/matches from the translation memory, term bank, etc. And I need that.

I can zoom in to enlarge the page and the two rows, but I can't zoom out. The two rows take up the whole screen. Also, vertical view I can only see one of the main columns, but in horisntal mode I can see both of them.

There is a feuture with an arrow icon to hide/unhide this third block, but when clicking on it nothing happens, it only change direction. As if it tries to show the block to me, but can't shrink the two main columns to make place for the third block on the side.

Can I do something about it, or is the page not adapted to show the third column/block beside the two main columns?

Sorry if it sounds a bit confusing, my English is not the best.

EDIT: I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and have tried in both Edge and Chrome with same results


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Have you tried swiping the screen in the opposite direction it would need to go for you to view the missing portion?

Thanks. Good tip. But didn't work neither.

I have also tried change to desktop view before loggin in to the portal, but didn't work neither.

And the arrow icon that you should click on to expand the view only change direction, but nothing expands.
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