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Why Fastboot boot Twrprecovery.img hangs loads after 3-4 tries?


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Jan 10, 2020
Question :- Why Fastboot boot Twrprecovery.img hangs loads after 3-4 tries?

I want original backup of Nandroid system userdata boot recovery partitions from twrp recovery from PC computers I load twrp recovery image in bootloader fastboot mode through command fastboot boot twrprexovery.img but as I run command the mobile white screen ( which came after adb boot bootloader) goes to blank black and in pc continuously prompts multiple drives a dialogue box to format multiple drives loaded created on twrp mtp (e,f,g,h,j,k) mounted after fastboot boot twrprecovery command. What I think happened twrp crating multiple mtp drives and closing I am have cancel multiple dialogue boxes in computer windows 10.

Other commands used in sequence

Adb devices
Adb reboot bootloader
Fastboot devices
Fastboot boot twrprecovery.img

But after rebooting reconnecting to different usb sockets mobile and trying 2-3 times this fastboot boot twrprecovery.img it finally display and load twrp image and display twrp menu.. and I took backup and recovery all went succesful....it means twrp image is right and not corrupted and working fine...and for same device

The problem is why it's loading after 2-3 attempt on same usb port same drivers same cable it happened many time not one time.

Now I am asking as I want to install flash twrprexovery.img to recovery partition and wooried that is it problem to image or any thing with it don't create problem after installing flashing .. how should I install twrp recovery which command is safe (fastboot flash recovery twrp.img)
Should I install as twrp recovery can be loaded and used with pc without installing but will not run through mobile.


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