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Help Why is "My phone number" "Not available"?


Jan 13, 2014
I have a new LG V20 H990ds. (The international version, from dealer "Wireless Place" via Amazon.com.)

I have two AT&T SIM cards in it. Only one SIM card is activated.

When I go to Settings -> General -> About phone -> Status -> My phone number, under "My phone number", my number with AT&T is not there.

Instead, all it says is "Not available". I spent all day yesterday searching on this and came up empty.

Otherwise the phone is working fine, with "AT&T" showing as the network carrier.

Does anyone know why this would happen, how to fix it, or if I can simply set this manually?

Android version: 7.0
Android security patch level: March 1, 2017
Kernel version: 3.18.31
Build number: NRD90M
Software version: V10e-SEA-XX
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Possibly because the phone wasn't supplied by AT&T? Is it a grey import non-US version? I think sometimes carriers do inform the phone of the number and sometimes they don't. AT&T, I don't know.

My phone does show the phone number and wasn't supplied by my carrier, however I can edit and change it to anything I like. Possibly you can do same thing with the "International version" LG.
sim number.jpg

When I was in the UK, EE didn't automatically show the phone number on the phone.

Phone numbers are allocated by the carrier to the SIM, not usually stored on the SIM or phone itself, and can be changed by the carrier as well.
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however I can edit and change it to anything I like. Possibly you can do same thing with the "International version" LG.

Thanks. I have no editable "SIM card number" entry as in your example, but I can edit the name of the card ("SIM card 1"). So as the next-best solution, I changed "SIM card 1" to my AT&T phone number.

It still doesn't show in "About phone," but I suppose I can live with that. I did sit through a few calls to AT&T support about this, with predictable results.

Oddly, on my AT&T account web page, it has a "change device" page with fields to enter the new phone's IMEI # and new SIM card #. Filling those in gave me an error message (3 times, correct numbers checked & double-checked), which is why I called support in the first place.
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