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Help Why isn't the blaze utilizing the sd card?

I'm trying to understand this, but im confused.

I have a blaze 4G fully updated and not rooted. I have a 16gb sd card installed.

Under the storage section of settings it shows 3 things. ON DEVICE, USB STORAGE AND SDCARD.

I try to move programs and save pictures and movies and other things to the sd card but it saves it to this USB STORAGE which is 1.4gb and totally different than my 16gb sdcard

What the hell is going on and why won't it use my SDCARD?
Yeah, was wondering too when I upgraded the family droid phones this summer. Looks like Android uses the internal storage first and does not let one use the external SD for apps without root. Google. You will find link2sd, another link program and a hack. I keep media files on the external SD card via the subdirectory. So far all my apps fit so no need for even use apptosd or the link programs.
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For photos, open the camera, press the settings icon and scroll down to the bottom. You'll find an option to save photos to the external memory card.

It's easy to miss because the list of options is too long to fit on screen, so if you don't scroll down you won't see it there.

As for putting apps on the external card, I haven't found a way that works reliably. So I just have media there: documents, photos, ebooks, music, video.
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