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Help Wi-Fi Connected, But Not Activating/Turning On?

Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. Sorry, I didn't know this was an exclusive issue to my phone model. Thanks.

it may or may not be. more info. is always helpful.

Do you have issues on other Wifi's or just at work? (ideally try it on both secured and unsecured networks)

when you say "login" does your work have a redirect webpage? i.e. you go to yahoo.com and it shows their page and you have to "click" ?

Can you get to the web without turning the screen on/off? i.e is this just a "display" issue or is affecting access?
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whoever the guide/mod was who moved this here i am thankful for, also the wifi connect has never been an issue for me, but it can be an issue regardless, it is possible you may need a new device, or you can try and clear out your wifi settings, if there is a way to do it.

i know if you get on the phone with verizon they will tell you to factory data reset, and you will not be a happy camper, unless that type of thing doesnt bother you.

another thing is if they do tell you to, and you still cannot connect through wifi, they will need to send you a new device, as that one may have become defective.

have you tried restarting the phone, turning wifi on and off, and then trying it again?
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Well, I can connect to Wi-Fi, it just doesn’t happen all of the time right now. This is a new issue. I am running JuiceDefender, but I just disabled it. I wanna see if the Wi-Fi will just stay connected, however, this has never been an issue for me before.

So, do you think that there may be a faulty SIM Card in my phone? The phone used to ghost dial *22899. I have reset the phone and it stopped doing that, but ever since my PRL updated, my battery life drains and drains. I used to have much better battery life using JuiceDefender.
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Yes, I think that I may have to call Verizon and ask them to send me a new SIM Card. I really don't want to have to go to the store and wait on line, etc.

I can tell you that JuiceDefender is great. I mean, I just turned it off, went closer to the Wi-Fi (where I work) and it dropped 10% in an hour. I just put it back on and it dropped like 1% in a half hour.

This is so unpredictable.
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If I had a dollar for every time someone had some "bizarre" problem they don't understand and it turned out they had JD... I'd have more money then the Mega Millions winners.

Your best option now is to remove JD and factory reset... No just disabling it won't fix the issue, because JD screws up the phone settings.

Using JD is like sticking a bandaid over a gunshot wound, it only masks the real problems.
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But, I disabled JD and the battery suffered a great deal. Then, I turned it back on, and idling now for 45 minutes, it only dropped 2%. Before, it would’ve been down like 4 times that. JD seems to be working for me when idling, it’s the phone’s battery life when on that was a killer. So, I removed Dolphin Browser, and that might be helping.
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OK, someone please tell me if this is normal. The battery dropped like a rock, in my house while on Wi-Fi and using auto-brightness.

Is it possible that my phone is not accessing the Wi-Fi, even though Wi-Fi is connected and the phone seems to display that I am using my Wi-Fi? How can I see if this is a fact?

I turned on my phone this morning (after it was fully charged last night before I went to bed), and within only a couple of minutes of using it, it dropped to 96%. Then, in 14 minutes, it was already down to 90%. Seriously? Is that normal? All I did was open the stock browser (I ditched the Dolphin Browser yesterday), and I opened Facebook. Those two things shouldn’t drain my phone.



Then, I viewed a video in the stock browser for maybe 5 minutes, and I continued to surf the internet. After only 44 minutes and the battery dropped to 82% - how can that be? Isn’t that crazy? Here’s what it looked like:

But then, I didn’t touch the phone for 2 hours. In that time, it only dropped about 4% to 78%. So, when the phone is idle, I am fine, but when the screen is on (auto-brightness, and on Wi-Fi in my house), it drops like a rock.
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