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galaxy nexus

  1. Android News

    You can now run Android 7.1 Nougat on the Galaxy Nexus

    A community developer over on XDA has been able to get an AOSP build of Android 7.1 Nougat booting on the Galaxy Nexus.
  2. G

    need help with gapps

    I gave my son my old gnex and he wanted to play pokemon go on it so I rooted it and flashed cm. I thought I was downloading the 4.4.4 version but it turned out to be the 5.xx version. Not a big deal but I downloaded and installed the gapps for the 4.4.4. So some google apps aren't working right...
  3. F

    4.4+ ROM?

    No idea about rooting etc but was wondering if it is possible to give my 'old faithful' a newer lease of life by applying an updated ROM?
  4. S

    Accessories Recommended After-Market Extended Battery?

    So I've been without my phone for almost exactly one year (screwed up ROM, then I lost the damn thing in my house and only just now found it). Now that I have it though, the extended battery that was in it seems to be completely dead, and I'm currently charging up the original OEM battery. Can...
  5. S

    Help Screen issue

    My samsung galaxy nexus has a thin (about 1px) veritcal line across the screen. When pressure is applied around the top of the line, the line will dissappear, and come back when pressure is releaved. If pressure is applied, sometimes the line will go away for an extended amount of time...
  6. F

    Lack of support?

    My Nexus is still in great condition and been well maintained & looked after since I bought it four years ago. I'm quite OCD with installing too many apps and quite aware that apps can slow the phone down a lot, but recently I'm noticing my phone is becoming very unresponsive. It feels quite...
  7. Tim K

    Accessories Free 3 pack Screen protectors

    Just found a full 3 pack of clear screen protectors for the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus. They've been hiding in my cabinet. If anyone wants them, PM me. I don't know if there is any difference between the GSM and CDMA versions.
  8. _Aly3n

    Help Help phones is not charging

    I got a galaxy nexus in verizon 32gb it does not want to charge it is being recognized by the computer but does not charge even if its on or off also not recognized in fastboot mode
  9. Unforgiven

    Root All Things Root Stickies

    Below are the stickies from each of the previous All Things Root forums for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Contact your favorite moderator or guide or open a thread in Private Chat with Staff for additional refinement of these links. International [International / GSM] [How To] All Things Root...
  10. S

    Android and ParanoidAndriod on the Galaxy Nexus

    Hi all, sorry if this a really stupid question but you hear so many conflicting stories out there, sometimes you don't know what to believe. I inherited a Galaxy Nexus phone off my brother that is currently running Android version 4.2.2 and ParanoidAndroid version 3.50. I know I can upgrade to...
  11. F

    Accessories MHL cable options?

    Hi all, I'm uncertain which MHL cable will work on my Gnex and would like any recommendations if any. Thanks.
  12. R

    I may have the most broken phone ever

    Hello, I have a galaxy nexus and I am trying to use the toolkit to get rid of the dead android with the red triangle but it just shows up with <waiting for device> I can't get into my phone to enable the dev option you need for connecting your phone to your computer because it's stuck in...
  13. Cryawn

    Help Phone stuck in fastboot?

    So I'm using my Galaxy Nexus. I tried to update Cyanogenmod 11, as it was doing so, it rebooted, and left me in clockwork recovery. Long story short, I can't get in to recovery, but I can get in to ODIN mode. Can someone enlighten me with how I can repair my phone through ODIN? I haven't used...
  14. M

    GPU errors on Nexus

    Whenever I'm on snapchat and I view a snapstory from an iphone 6 user, the video is very glitchy. The audio is fine, but the video playback is weird. To understand the problem, add "CaseyNeistat" and view his stories and you'll know what I'm talking about. I've tried different roms, FML 4.4...
  15. Skynet11

    Official Samsung Galaxy Nexus User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Samsung Galaxy Nexus User Manual - The official Samsung Galaxy Nexus User Guide Read more about this resource...
  16. S

    Help [Verizon] Can't boot. Stuck at "Android is Upgrading... Starting apps"

    Rooted, running Sourcery (not sure which version anymore tbh), CWM recovery. I dropped my phone last night and originally everything seemed ok. I woke up today to see it saying that my SIM card had been removed... Ok no problem, happened before after dropping it.. pulled the battery, removed...
  17. Webelos8

    Is my beloved GNEX dying??

    Hello everyone.. I have my VZW Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which generally speaking I loved up until a couple of months ago. Now, it sporadically sends text messages, never sends picture messages (they get locked in "Sending" mode and I never know if they go out or not), apps are continually...
  18. C

    Help Failed to unlock bootloader using fastboot tool

    my GN repeatedly auto-reboot, I don't know what is going on, probably, a kernel service is broken. I tried to unlock bootloader in fastboot mode using fastboot tool. fastboot oem unlock below is the printed message: F:\i9250\platform-tools>fastboot oem unlock ... OKAY [ 21.025s]...
  19. D

    [Verizon] How To Do A Hard Reset - Goodbye Galaxy Nexus

    Goodbye Galaxy nexus and welcome Note 4! I have to say goodbye to the GNexus, I have had it for almost 3 years and have no complaints! I love this phone, it was my first ever smartphone. It's unlocked, rooted, and running a custom kernel/rom. I want to do a hard-reset and wipe out...
  20. S

    [Verizon] SGN (Verizon) gets stuck at splash/lock screen

    I think this is a proper place for this thread. My device is rooted, but it does not directly relate to that and there isn't a dedicated root sub-forum for the SGN. I at least don't see one. Anyway... Hello, I could really use some help with this.. I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy Nexus...
  21. A

    Help My Galaxy Nexus won't turn on. Please help!

    Hello guys, I have a problem. My Galaxy Nexus won't turn on. I had installed CyanogenMod 11 and ClockworkMod Recovery and I gave it to my sister and she gave it me back broken. I think she erased the whole system because it shows the "Google" logo and won't boot into system. But the problem...
  22. E

    [International / GSM] editing build.prop

    How can I edit my build.prop file to allow multiple user profiles? I have a rooted gnex with pa.toro-4.4.4 Its rooted (of course) Its Verizon I have a backup already made so I'm good:-D
  23. E

    Help Where are the accounts???

    Hello, I have a Rooted GNEX with paronoidandroid4.4.4 toro:p. Where is the setting to make user account?:confused::confused::confused: I cant find a lot of settings but that is the one I am *MOST* concerned with! If possible i would LOVE to have how to access the other settings!:D:D:D:D:D...
  24. P

    Help galaxy nexus boot problems

    I recently replaced my power button after months of problems. after a day or so my phone goes into odin mode when I turn it on. When I hold down the volume up and power button it goes into recovery mode, but recovery mode isn't working. The volume up and down does nothing in recovery mode and...
  25. B

    [Verizon] rooting samsung nexus sch-1515 vs 4.2.2

    I am totally new at rooting a phone. I basically had an app delete all my pictures and videos from my phone. I tried to download a program on my hp laptop(vista) to restore deleted files. Program said i needed to root phone before it could scan my phone for deleted files. I need help rooting...