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[Verizon] SGN (Verizon) gets stuck at splash/lock screen


Sep 20, 2014
I think this is a proper place for this thread. My device is rooted, but it does not directly relate to that and there isn't a dedicated root sub-forum for the SGN. I at least don't see one. Anyway...
Hello, I could really use some help with this..
I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) using an older version of SuperSU (think around like .98). I also
installed the free version of Titanium Backup to uninstall apps... And everything was going fine. I consulated with forums and app lists of the safe apps to uninstall. I kept uninstalling apps and everything was fine, but then I rebooted my phone one day and everything wasn't. The phone boots and the nexus X splash screen appears. I think it usually stays stuck there unless I press buttons, boot in safe mode, or charge it. So then it gets to the lock screen in some of these cases. The notification bar at the top works and the screen will flash on for about 5 seconds before it goes black. And this will keep happening usually. Sometimes just the area where the wallpaper is supposed to be will be black, not everything is - the notification bar, lock symbol, and time all appear as normal on the lock screen.

The touchscreen doesn't appear to take any input really, expect that you can slide the lock symbol to unlock the phone... Only thing is, it doesn't actually do anything like bring you to the home screen like it should. This could be much easier to fix, but I uninstalled about 3 or 4 apps before this happened and off the top of my head I don't remember what they were. If I wrote them down I not don't know where that went. I recall that I uninstalled at least one package that had the word google in it. I also do not recall if I uninstalled the one time init.apk. Another package I may or may not have uninstalled was
google services framework. This was on a list of possible packages to uninstall that I had made. Too bad I cannot remember the exact ones I actually uninstalled. I have data on this phone so if anyone could give me a direction to recovering the data or something.
My overall technical expertise is decent, but I'm more of a newbie when it comes to smartphone hacking.

One more thing, I forget to mention that the phone doesn't turn off from holding down the power button. I either have to wait until it dies or take out the battery.
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Well, late as ever for me, but the above advice is right on.

I'd like to add for either you or the readers that one should be very careful when deleting (or even 'freezing' system apps with Titanium. The term 'bloatware' floats around the internet so much that people get 'inspired' to start deleting and/or freezing things that should well enough be left alone. And especially most anything that has google in the name. I think what really got you in trouble is if you did indeed delete google services framework.

If you do come back, the above paragraph was not meant to scold you or anyone, so I hope that it is not taken that way; or should I say, if it is taken that way I apologize.
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