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"Wi-Fi Manager will not work without Google Play Services..."


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Feb 1, 2019
After I smashed my most hated device the other day, I had to find a replacement.

Because I have been rather impressed with the cheap Motorola devices that can be had at Wal-Mart, I headed over there to see what could be done.

I know that there are unlocked versions of their cheapest, locked Straight Talk Motorola phones there.

So, the e6 is about $150, and the various versions of the e7 are about $180 and up- all priced before taxes.

By happenstance, they still had an older e5 laying around for about $125 after tax.

So I bought it.
I then spent the next three hours or so setting it up before I put my SIM into it.

I decided to not have my Google account on the device, and so no Google apps would be needed as well.

Everything was going just fine until I decided to finally connect to the internet with Wi-Fi.

A persistant notification, followed by a termination of Wi-Fi connection, was "Wi-Fi Manager will not work without Google Play Services."

This is not acceptable to me, as I have an older device without Google Play Services and the Wi-Fi works just fine.

What can I do about this, and/or where can I get a FOSS Wi-Fi Manager that does not need this pest of a Google app?

T-Mobile is the absolute worst as far as mobile data is concerned, and so it is important to have Wi-Fi working.
Evidently, it is the Wi-Fi app built into the device- where you select which Wi-Fi to connect to and where you enter the passwords and such.

I am wondering if MicroG could take the place of Google Play Services in this way.

I reluctantly turned on Google Play Services last night, but it still was not working.

I got home from work tonight and now it seems ok.

I still want to try MicroG and see what happens.
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Well, that didnt work either.

Stupid worthless Google Play Services has to be enabled, otherwise the 'Wi-Fi manager shuts off the Wi-Fi.
Probably the only purpose that it serves.

I cannot find sny other apl thst will take the place of the crappy stock apl,so the cursed Play Services must be enabled even if I am blocking it with my firewall.

I hate Google so much.

As soon as I can get hooked up to a computer, I will be eliminating this worthless Wi-Fi Manager.
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