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Wi-Fi Music Playback


Jun 12, 2016
When I go to play back the last couple of songs I've purchased from the Play Store it says I can't do it without a Wi-Fi connection.

If I can purchase the song from the Play Store without a Wi-Fi connection, why can't I listen to it without a connection?

I don't recall this being the case before. I've frequently listened to my playlists without a connection.

What, if anything, can I do about it? If nothing, how do I get my money back? Never thought I'd say this, but iTunes isn't looking that bad after all.

Have you downloaded the songs? After purchasing a song, it doesn't automatically download it unless you check that box in your settings. It's possible that's only come into play with a recent update, but I've always had to manually download the song(s) in order to listen without a connection.

I had been using iTunes, too, but Google Play is just more convenient on my phone. After I buy the album on my phone, I download it on my PC so I can transfer the files to my preferred music player on my phone. Google Play Music is easy to purchase from but I hate the app for playback.

Hope that helps!
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