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Widgetlocker lockscreen

if ads were popping up then chances are they had a pirated copy..

the payed for version is perfect no problems for me in the slightest love it....use the trackball on my desire to wake the phone and the trackball again to unlock it...meaning I took ANY kind of lock slider/dial off the screen to give it a lovely crisp clear look..
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not only is it a great app, but the dev is really responsive to questions and concerns posted here, http://androidforums.com/incredible-tips-tricks/125073-replace-htc-lockscreen-incredible-find.html

he is....I had a problem with buying via pay pal...cos the market has yet to allow anyone OTHER than a credit card buy...anyway, pay pal didnt send him the notification that someone purchased, so I emailed and within half hour was a reply apologising and my apk in the email...top man he is! :D
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