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WiFi calling and/or messaging overseas


Feb 17, 2013
I am going to Spain in the fall with my brothers. My Virgin Mobile android (gingerbread) phone will not have service. I will need to rely on some type of WiFi communication. We'll be arriving at the Barcelona airport separately and I would like the others to be able to contact me, assuming I can connect to the airport WiFi. I do have a Google voice number but after researching I am still unsure if they can call or text me. They have US phones and will be arranging some type of international plan for the trip.

WiFi calling would be nice but not required. I would at least like some type of messaging. We could all download the same app to facilitate communication but it would also need to be available for a windows phone and an iPhone.

Are there any recommendations for apps that will work overseas?

Thank you.
Skype is telling me I have to buy Skype credit to send an SMS :(

skype to skype is always free. Whether it's an instant message, voice call or video call. As long as you are both using skype, it won't matter if you are trying to connect with someone using a computer or tablet or phone or any platform (Windows, Android, apple, etc.)

But you can pay skype to send text messages or make phone calls to regular phones (mobile or land).
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