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WiFi calling notifaction bar missing icon


Apr 11, 2022
I recently got an A50 and noticed there is no indicator in status bar to indicate if WiFi calling is connected or not. On all prior phones there was an icon to show status.

Is this something I have to enable? If so how?

Tried chat support with Samsung but all they did was send me link to manual which I have, and told me how to turn feature on or off...which is not what I asked.

To make it clear I KNOW HOW TO TURN FEATURE ON I am asking about missing icon in status bar.

Thanks for any help.
I've never heard of an option to turn the indicator off. However, in my experience the icon only shows when WiFi calling is actually available, not just when it's turned on. So does it actually work on your phone? Maybe try putting the phone in airplane mode to turn off the cellular radio then turn WiFi back on and see whether you can make a call. If you can then WiFi calling is working, if not then for whatever reason it isn't (maybe the phone's WiFi calling isn't compatible with your particular provider's system?).
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I should have clarified the initial post.

WiFi calling is available. It is on and it does work.

This issue is only about getting the icon to appear to make that apparent.

The reason:

Where I live cell signal is very poor so WiFi calling is necessary. I also use a google voice number which forwards to both land line and cell. Due to not being interested in an "auto warrantee" I have gotten to point I never answer the land line unless both that and cell ring at once which tells me the number dialed was the Google voice number and possibly a customer. I have had occasional issues with WiFi calling not connecting so the icon gives me an indication. If I hear land line ring and see the WiFi calling icon I pick up the land line and not use cell minutes. Without the icon I cannot be sure of this and wind up either not taking what might have been a good call or hanging up on 25 offers of auto warranty.
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