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WiFi connection with Acer A500


Aug 14, 2011
I received an Acer A500 for my birthday I LOVE IT... until now... when I got it I could connect to me Clear wifi, and also leave the house and connect to me wifi... but now, when I try to connect to my wifi it get "obtaining IP address" and then goes to "connecting" and then to "remembered", and then the same cycle over and over again. I've tried everything, told the tablet to forget the network and re-set it up, trying completing rebooting my system and the wifi system... and it still doe it. I'm about to throw it through a window if I cant get help on this issues. my other PCs and windows 7 phone all work on my wifi just not the acer
I have the same problem with my Acer Liquid E3. I'm assuming it's a problem with Acer's WiFi receivers in their devices because after about 5 months of googling it I have found that a very large amount of people are having the same exact issue with, you guessed it, Acer devices.

I have a sort of work around for it. If I try to connect to WiFi right next to my router it will just say 'Authentication problem'. But if I stand maybe 10-15 feet away from the router where my WiFi signal goes down to two bars, surprisingly enough, it says 'Obtaining IP Address' and connects!

I don't know if that will work for you or not but it's still an issue where I have to move away from where I am just to get WiFi connection. I have tried emailing Acer customer services about it but it's been 5 months and still no reply from them.

You could try emailing them but they'd probably just ignore you. If you try calling their service line they might actually have a fix or at least some sort of explanation as to why this happens.

I hope this helps.
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