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Jun 13, 2012
When I was trying the Wifi direct transfer on the TF300, I can't found the transfer icon of wifi direct, the choose icon only ' blue tooth, gmail, webstorage...' that without wifi direct.

I really don't know how to send the file from TF300 to S2 without the wifi direct icon.

conversely, S2 send the file to TF300, the status was holding in transfer, after they recognized.

I sent an email asking the wifi problem to Asus, but they replied that the problem transfer to other department already, and give me notice when future information'. The email over 10 days, I don't believe they have future information in shortly.

I also used an USB to linking both S2 and TF300, but TF300 seems can't recognize the S2, not any device was found.

Now, I only through the PC to make them communication which is TF300, S2 and PC linking together, then using the PC control file transfer. But it is not convenience.
Well, I have not ried this before and I find only a limited amount of information on the net. Here is a link to an article you might find useful Android AdvicesUse Galaxy S2 Wifi Direct Feature for High Speed Data Transfer. I don't have an SII but tried it with my Galaxy Nexus; out of 5 attempts I only got a connection between the GNex and the TFP once. This is not a method I am particularly fond of. Instead if I want wireless transfer of data with my mobile devices I simply use Google Drive - it's free and gives you get 5GB of online storage for free. You simply select the file you want and then "share"; after that you get to choose which method and Google Drive will be listed > select it. Once done it will sync the file with your cloud storage space. On the other device, having installed the Google Drive app on there you just click it and you'll get to your account with all files and folders in it. Tgis assumes of course that you hav a gmail account!
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