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I am trying to get my friends phone to make a wifi hotspot. I was able to get root following the instructions on this site, i then went to market and downloaded barnacle but no devices i have will find it. Is there an issue that causes this phone to not be able to do it? thanks for the help
I have not tested it, but random reboots have been a problem throughout the 3.x series if you don't set it correctly.

This is not what I was referring to. The newer versions of the app have a bug in which upon the activation and subsequent deactivation of the wifi hotspot, the app would hang up and not let you reactivate the wifi hotspot without rebooting your phone. I just tested this with the version that you recommended, and this bug is in fact still prevalent.

Pre-12 does not have this problem, and OP: you should install that version, and set your device profile to Samsung Epic 4g in order to use the app without problems.
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OK, I got my wi-fi tether working. But how can I play online games like Duke nukem forever. Or unreal tournament. I tried unreal tournament on all 3 of my computers but none conected. I am supprised no one else is having these problems. My netflicks works good. Sucks up all the bandwith metro can dish out.
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I just recently reinstalled this app,and now whenever I start it, and try to tether, Superuser won't pop up asking me to grant root access. The program then fails to start tethering, and asks me if I have root access, which I do; I'm running Basix, and Root Explorer works fine.

Any help/ideas on what I could do to remedy this?

Edit: nevermind, this isn't my problem. I've lost root access, and don't know why. I started a new thread aboutthis.
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