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WiFi keeps getting stuck at "turning off..."


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Nov 24, 2009
Lancaster, PA
Anyone else having an issue where the phone will disconnect from an access point then not be able to reconnect?
This happens on my home AP(as well as at work,) and I know it isn't the AP because my laptops stay connected.
If I then disable the WiFi on the Droid, it shows as "turning off..." until I reboot the phone.

Suggestions? Other than this the phone has been tip-top. Should I wait until 12/11 before I try and exchange it?
I'm having this exact same problem. I'd love to hear if anybody knows why it's happening.

Kyle, what router and encryption are you using? I have a Netgear(forget what model) and I've tried every encryption and tons of settings on the router, always with the same results. I spoke to VZW support on the phone, told them what I did to troubleshoot, and they agreed to swap it as defective, i was within 30 days.

Low and behold, same issue with new phone, made week 45(original was 42 or 41 i think.)

So, I figure it's some incompatibility with the netgear router and droid. Oh well, works everywhere else.
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I have been having the same issue. I thought about maybe it was an app/widget that might be getting it stuck. I removed 2

Weather Widget Donate

So far so good. No issues. It has been about 8 hours and no stuck WiFi. Anyone else running those apps? Maybe we should do a list of apps that use internet connection and see what ones we all have in common and se if those might be causing the issue.

If one of those two I listed turn out not to be the issue.
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I went 1 day without issue at all of disconnecting WiFi and being stuck turning it off. Leaving home and coming back it switched over just fine. Before it would be a matter of a half hour before it would go bad. I reinstalled Weather Widget Donate and it has yet to have issues. I will probably try reinstalling K-9 seeing if that is the issue later on.
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been having this problem as well

wifi says "shutting down...", but it never shuts down unless i reboot the phone and disable wifi.

when running with "shutting down" the battery goes low FAST

battery on a normal day from 6am to 9am:
With wifi deactivating about 20-30% of battery used
wifi totally off is about 2%

i really hate this problem, seems like i can keep wifi off untill i recharge the phone, then it turn back on and cant be diabled unless i reboot

oh, and btw...got a samsung galaxy phone, so not a motorola problem
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