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May 2, 2011
Ok indulgers I need a help and hand I'm not sure if its accurate but I figured let me ask, I have a xbox 360 and I have it hooked up for online play. Now I have a apartment that offers free wifi which is great too, sounds great right but here's the loop.... in order for me to access the internet thru wifi they supplies I have to accept the terms and agreements which is cool, but when I try to connect it to xbox live it say I have no internet connection, why because the terms and agreement cant be accessed on xbox live while trying to connect. My 3G from barnacle tether is drained from using it so what is a guy to do? I called my apartment complex to ask, why its not connecting and could I connect it if I found a way, so everything is legal, I just need to find out if its a way I can use wifi through my phone to connect to xbox live? Is there a app I can use to do it? Because its finding my wifi but not through my phone just through the router supplied by my apartment?


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