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WiFi Way Slow, Individual WAPs "Turned Off?


Android Enthusiast
Aug 12, 2010
Paoli PA, USA
My Samsung P600 tablet (rooted, Android 4.3) has been getting weird wifi-wise: slow speeds, dropped connections, sometimes acting like wifi has been turned off when it has not...

Also, non-HD videos are now choppy/stuttering when they play. They were not that way, say, a month ago - but that is how they are today. Copied to local storage, no problem.

A Windows 8 laptop operated in the exact same location has no wifi or video playing issues. Likewise my Samsung N7000 (old) 5" phone.

So I figure that eliminates the WAPs, radio interference, and so-forth - leaving Android or the hardware or some combination of the two.

One of the things I notice is that Settings | WiFi's list of WAPs sometimes shows them as "Turned Off" instead of the usual "Saved, Secured" even though WiFi shows as being On, not Off.

Could this be a clue?

Anybody been here?

Edit 2014 10-13 1940:

Installed "WiFi Speed Test" on both Android devices and set up WiFi Speed Test Server on my desktop.

Ran a half-dozen download tests on each Android device.

Speeds for the N7000 phone were in the low twenties to low thirties Mbit/s.

Speeds on the problem device never got above 5 Mbit/s and half were below 3.

Same WAP, same channel, same physical place, approx same TOD.

Problem not there say, 4 weeks ago...Device rooted, so no automagic Android system updates (?).

Something has changed, but what ???


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