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Will buyers care if my eris has 2.1 leak?


Mar 30, 2010
I'll be upgrading to another phone in a couple weeks but i was one of those impatient people that had to have the leak before the OTA. I'm running the v2 leak on my phone. Will that matter when i'm selling to buyers? And should i mention it? Should i upgrade to v3 before selling it?
Just cause. Some people will probably see my headline "droid eris w/ 2.1 leak" and i'll have to take the time to explain what "leak" is that i wouldn't have to do otherwise. Oh well. Guess i'll just include it in the ad

Exactly right, and if you install v3 they will have no clue that there is any difference. And like you said already if they are looking to root they will ask more questions. 99% of the people looking to buy the phone will have no idea of rooting or leaks and mentioning it will just cause confusion. Obviously if they specifically ask it's a good idea to be upfront and honest.
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