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will it work


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Jan 3, 2013
i have the lg k20 32gb phone storage and i was able to put in a 32gb sd card and let the phone combine the storage so now it has 64gb storage. but tracfone made me get a new phone because they said the k20 was not good enough and the 3g was going away, that may be true but i see they still have them on metro pcs. now metro pcs may soon discontinue them as well, so would it be worth rooting the phone and doing a firmware flash that is said to make it 5g capable? this website claims to have the software to allow you to reflash the phone into a better phone.


but before i mess with it i figure i should ask here to see if anyone has done it and if it works or will it make me a new lawn brick.

tracfone sent me the a21 but i do not have the storage and can't seem to make this one merge the sd card with the phone storage. i know some said i can cause issues but i have had the k20 storage merged now for 4 years with no issues yet. i have a top-of-the-line sd card so that may be why.

also i can't say i'm liking the samsung way of doing things or maybe it is even tracfone that makes the phone so hard to use. i have to jump hoops to get the photos into the pc and then i took the sd card out of my car cameras to see the video and that was a joke getting the card to show on the phone. on the k20 it just came up.

so i wonder if reflashing the firmware on the k20 will make it useable for the future and be worth doing and if anyone has used that website to do it.

ok guys thanks that is why i asked. i kind of figured that was the case but had to ask. i kind of figured it was like most youtube videos they post for the attention. so i will forgo that i know you can mess with the firmware and change it so the bloatware is less or if your good all gone but you never know if the phone had some turned off items that might get turned on with some tweaking but it sounds like that article was so much b-s

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