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Sep 27, 2015
Hi for the last two days my Note 5 will not send any mms messages containing any type of file attachment.It just seems to time out and tell me the message couldn't be sent.I contacted ATT and they told me I needed a new sim?The ATT fallback answer is the hardware is always at fault so they just replace everything .I am still waiting for a new Note and microcell in the mail.I havent changed any settings on the phone so I am stumped on how the mms messages don't seem to work now and I am totally lost on how a sim can cause that issue?Any ideas?
I have verizon and had the same issue with my note 2 a while back and getting a new Sim card resolved it. I barely get a signal at my house and actually got a signal booster (I don't know the proper name of the device but it connects to my router) while this did help my signal it didn't resolve the problem. I went through all the troubleshooting the tech had me go through and after about 3 days of this they finally sent me to get a new Sim card and that worked. I now have a note 5 and no signal booster (it crapped out) I get one bar at best and have no problems sending an mms.
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