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Will they discountinue 5x?


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Jan 19, 2011
I saw rumors of a new nexus 6 coming this year...so does that mean they will discontinue 5x and 6p? If so I will definitely get the 5x... I love how its an awesome upgrade from my nexus 4, and USB c cable wayyyyy better than micro USB!!! Also epic camera, and as far as I'm concerned, Google nexus are the best cellphones. So if they plan to discontinue, I'm gonna hurry up and try to snag this great piece of history!
Obviously I don't know what Google are planning, but usually the previous year's Nexus phone remains on sale until a little after the new one is released (i.e. they stop making it shortly before the new one is released and then when stocks run out it's gone). Nexus phones are usually announced in September, so you've probably got until then.

The only reason I'm saying "probably" is that we've never had 2 Nexus handsets released together before, so we're in slightly uncharted waters (e.g. they could in principle drop one model earlier than the other). But as it's only been out for 4 months I'd not expect it to be discontinued just yet.
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