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Wipe Cache Partition, Repair apps & Galaxy App Booster


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Aug 17, 2010
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A few procedures that I personally find helpful after installing an update are wiping the phone's temporary Cache Partition and using the Galaxy Apps Booster.

Wiping the Cache Partition is considered best practice after a major firmware update and can solve a lot of issues, such as lagging and apps foreclosing. This does not affect your data and is very simple and easy to perform.

Whilst in Recovery mode you can also select the option to, "Repair apps", in case you are experiencing app issues.

This video will show you how to clear your phone's temporary Cache Partition of any corrupt files and detritus that may cause issues for you. It works on both the Z Fold4 and Flip4 devices...

I also use the Galaxy Apps Booster as well, which can be found in the, "Good Guardians", app in the App drawer of Android 12 and 13.
(If you do not have Good Guardians in the App drawer, it can be downloaded from the Samsung Store along with its component parts)

Simply run the Galaxy App Booster. If it is your first time using this app it can take awhile to finish. Subsequent runs are around 4 min's.

Galaxy App Booster


See, also...“Magic Trick” of Galaxy App Booster
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Okay, so why are we required to connect a USB-C cable into the port before doing this? I've never heard of a cable being required to boot into Recovery mode.
This is for the majority of users on the international models. North American users do not need to connect via a USB cable.
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