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Sep 30, 2009
I know this topic has probably been done to death, but i didnt see anything in the past 5 or 6 pages for it so i thought i might as well post a new one. Are there any features or changes, besides bug fixes, that you guys really want?
I personally want:

1. An improved Gtalk service. Rumors are saying 2.3 is adding support for native video calling for gtalk. Im hoping it's more than that. Adding sent/delivered/read(can do without this one)/ and see when a person is typing would be great. So essentially become what bbm is to blackberries. I think it would be great since there is a gtalk app on blackberries, iphones, probably wp7 and a web client.

2. Google reader being integrated into the news/weather app.

3. Theme support. Maybe this way sense and motoblur could still be on the phone and able to get the updates on a timely manner.

4. copypasta everywhere! Not just the text fields.

5. Better music player. Though the music player they showed at I/O looked awesome and had music through cloud.

6. Make the U/I nicer. If the new youtube app is a sign of what gingerbread will be, then it will be awesome.

7. I switch between Miui and cyanogen alot so i don't have to worry about this now but i still find having amazon mp3 on stock annoying.

So what other features do you guys want?


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