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WOL not working


Aug 19, 2012

I have Wake on Lan installed on my Galaxy Note but it does not turn on my PC's

I downloaded the one that has image of brick wall inside a white cloud

SO I proceeded to add my PC mac address and name then clicked SAVE, clicked on SEND PACKETS, nothing????

Then I entered the IP address which is DHCP from my router and I know this changes a lot becuase I have shares added to ES File Explorer and had to change the IP's

So after entering IP it says PACKET SENT SUCCESSFULLY but PC remains OFF

SO then I go into the BIOS of my P5Q Deluxe and change the WOL settings

Onboard Devices Configuration is the only place were I find any setting

Marvell LAN1 Enabled
LAN Boot ROM Enabled
Marvell LAN2 Enabled
LAN Boot ROM Enabled

Wake up by PCI Devices Enabled
Wake up by PCIE Devices Enabled

On my PC I right click the device in Device Manager and....Property: Wake-Up Capabilities has Value: Magic Packet & Pattern

Also is selected under Power Management

"Allow this device to wake up the computer"
and "Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer"

I have a Virgin Super hub as my Wireless Device which my phone is connected to and then several Netgear FS108 switches

Any help would be great obviously there is something I have missed?




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