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Won't connect to Wi-Fi says Saved


Jan 21, 2022
My apartment neighbor has an LG Stylo 4 with expired Metro PCS monthly service.

Before he got his own Xfinity service, he used my router.

After his Xfinity service was installed, the tech connected his phone to his modem/router. It worked. It’s the same make and model of modem/router.

But now, weeks later, his phone automatically connects to my router.

I went into his phone Settings, Network, WIFI, and his router appears on the list under mine. I clicked on his Router and hit Connect. It did not ask for the password, it started to connect but then said SAVED and reconnected to mine, although sometimes mine will also end up as SAVED which I attributed to signal strength. I told it to forget mine and that didn’t help. I did the same for his, re-entered the password and that did not help.

So I tried connecting with my LG Premier Pro LTE (my Tracfone). It connects to both my router and his when I’m in his apartment or mine.

I find it hard to believe that his router has just started blocking him and not me.

He doesn’t understand cell phones or Wi-Fi but he relies on Whatsapp to stay in contact with his children around the globe.

So, to repcap

His phone did hook up to his router. Now it won’t but it still hooks up to mine … same model and service provider but I don’t know if there have different settings.

I don’t want to try anything too risky because at least he can communicate with family around the globe.

Any suggestions?
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