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World Cup App(s)

Hello, I've been hanging in the shadows for a while now but thought I would burst my forum cherry :D

With the World Cup looming I wondered if any of you fine people have used any of the World Cup apps (paid or free) that are available on the market and what your thoughts were on them?

I'm looking to dedicate one of my home screens to a World Cup fenzy of info ready for when it starts so I can amaze my mates down the pub with stats and nuggets of clever info :cool:
I'm currently using World Cup 2010 FotMob.

World Cup 2010 FotMob

It's a bit hard to judge an app when there's no results yet, but this one has news stats fixtures etc.

Me likey this one.

Just downloaded this one and it looks good to. Was hoping at some point one of these apps may show live games streaming. The one by luke also looked ok. Gonna try this one first though for a while.
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If you have a look on google for "world cup google calendar" you can import it and sync it with your calendar too. I have HTC's calendar widget on one of the screens and it's brilliant for seeing when the matches are without opening an app up!

Even I have HTC's Calender widget as a one of screen, can you please let me know how you do that.?i.e. get football time table on HTC's calender,ta.:)
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Thanks for the tip on inporting the google world cup calender. Works perfectly.

As for apps, I'm using World Cup Essentials by 2ThumbsApp. It's the best out of the 3 or 4 I tried. None of them are a patch on any of the ones available for the iphone however. All the major newspapers are releasing iphone apps too. Damn I wish Android was better supported!

edit: I just tried the one mentioned above Fotmob. This is the best one so far I think. Going to delete my recommendation above from my phone but will leave it here for you to see for yourself.
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