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(X)CrossPost(X) BlueTooth questions


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Nov 11, 2009
I have had a lot of smart phones but never used bluetooth headsets and have a few questions.

Can you get a bluetooth earpiece for answering phone calls that lets you answer from the headset once paired?

Do all the earpieces support streaming or playing music/sprint tv audio/Google listen?

Are they all mono or do some single earpieces have stereo?

Is there an industry standard for noise reduction that I should look for in the feature list?

Any other tips if I just want to buy one and be satisfied its the right one?

The one i've eye'd is the Jabra BT530.

Thanks in advance!
1) Yes
2) No and Yes depending on the phone and the bluetooth adpater. Some require a A2DP profile to allow you to stream music to.
3) Some stereo one have removable second ears so they then work alot like mono.
4) No noise reduction is my bluetooth headset. Some are better than others.
5) I had several phones and even more bluetooth devices. I have had little or no problem using any of them.
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