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Same here too. Not trying to hijack the thread. Got the SFII after it went out of stock 3 times. I wondered if I did the right thing but not any more. Got it Friday and unlocked it. Now got it de branded after a long time passed lol. Got a brilliant Power Manager program (so good I bought it), Micro SD card now partitioned and using APP2SD with the EXT2 part of the partition. Titanium licensed and backed up the phone.

What kills me amongst the Apps? The torch light programs, shop bar code reader, compass, Google Stars and many more. But I put on a Real Racing 2 game from EA. Not a racer or driver but the graphics and gameplay blew me away, was brilliant on the SFII, even video playback. It got warm but not a lot of power used now I have the Power Manager. So I lashed out the
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