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xperia x10 earpiece volume

yes i do............. the sound is shit, even with the volume right up you struggle to here someone with just a slight background noise. I too would like help or resolve on this issue if any????

Were gonna have to wait for SE to release a firmware, so i guess all we have to do now its wait for the update than will fix this.
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With nearly 2500 views you are not alone...

Main: Low in-call and ringer volume on X10,...

and with 250 in two days.....

Main: Jeff, will there really be an update...

It is certain that someone at Sony Ericsson knows.... the sad thing is the moderators on their support forum work in the furtherst corner of a dusty basement and are using Windows 3.1 on their desktop PC which aren't even connected to a network and the post boy only collects the brown internal envelopes once a month. So our pleas for help on this issue are going largely unheard.
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