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Root xposed installer not working in 5.1.1?

So I'm on lolipop and want to use xposed but it's not compatible :( unless I got back to stock or something. Any suggestions?
5.1 did alot of changes to ART so it's unsupported until he updates it to 5.1, which might take a while since the dev said he will not be moving to 5.1 until he gets 5.0 stable, so if you want Xposed, go back to 5.0.
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I know there's some experimental 5.1 xposed at xda (not by rovo89). Try your luck with that.
Yea I did try that, but It is a real headache that is why I am not using it now.

The First reboot after fresh installation of Xposed Frameworks and enabling modules work fine. But after this when the xposed modules create a file in dalvik cache even the working ones in this list won't work meaning the next reboot will be stuck in boot loops. Their is a workaround for this but it involves deleting each xposed modules dalvik cache file before every restart or shutdown, which as said before is a real headache.

Hope this helps @mrrom.
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