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Apps XStream Library and Android


Apr 14, 2012
We are writing an Android application (API Level 8 v2.2) that communicates with a java server through the internet. We are doing this by serialising objects to xml string using XStream 1.4.2. Accessing the classes in XStream's jar class library works through eclipse and the AVD emulator but causes a runtime exception when we try to run it on an actual android phone. We don't know what exception is being thrown but we have a hunch that it has to do with the class loader. Is there are fix or a work around to this problem please? Thank you.
If you connect your phone to your development machine and run the application through eclipse, selecting your device as the target and not an Ave, you can still use the ddms. That should let you see what exception is thrown and where. If you still can't find it, paste the log at output here and we'll try to help.
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