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Help yet another batt issue.. different then what im finding on here


Jul 18, 2013
Like the most recent string of batt complaints mine isnt charging....
At night I plug it in to an outlet vs. A pc...power it off and let it charge. The red charge light is on, by morning its gone green, I check and it gives me a 100% icon, when I power it on (still plugged in) it will have maybe charged 2% in 7 hrs. Its been happening for about 4 days with inconsistent results.. the only consistent part is it says 100%.
2 nights ago I was up at 4am with my baby and it still showed the red light and 3hrs later it was green, 100% and only actually at 20.
Help pls
I had basically similar symptoms, and tried for weeks to isolate the problem (I have an external charger and extra battery, which made things easier). AT&T has since replaced the phone without providing a diagnosis, but as nearly as I can tell, it was a *combination* of defective charging circuit in the phone and a USB socket that didn't connect reliably.

Troubleshooting steps (by both AT&T and myself) included:
o Factory reset
o Re-flash
o Two new batteries
o Two new charging cords
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