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You know that limit Boost has on us? I bypassed it

I don't know how but I did. I am well over 8GB of data (lots of streaming and downloading) and my bill isn't due for another week.

My download speeds are 100 KB/s before 2.5GB and 30KB/s after.

Today they are 250KB/s. I'm still in shock :/

The speeds you are seeing aren't all that great, and they appear to be throttled compared to full speed access...

This is from Boost's terms and conditions and the speeds you are seeing after heavy usage seem on par with throttling.

Throughput Limitations: With all plans, certain video data (Adaptive Protocol Video) will be limited to 600Kbps, which may impact video quality and performance. See boostmobile.com/networkmanagement for details. With select plans and product offers, Boost Mobile will reduce throughput speeds when monthly data usage exceeds 2.5GB/month. Customers will continue to have data access but maximum speeds (including adaptive protocol video) may be limited to 3G speeds of 256Kbps or below for the remainder of the monthly plan cycle. During this time, customers may experience slower page loads, file downloads and degraded streaming media. Throughput speeds will be restored when your new monthly plan begins.
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