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Help You Tube issues


Feb 13, 2011
Hi all,
I'm new to this site so I'd like to say hello and it looks like a lot of great information is here.
I have the i1 on the Sprint/Nextel network.
I've installed the YouTube app. It will get me to the youtube site and even play the "featured videos" but when I want to get to my "account, favorites, search etc" it just spins it's wheels and says loading forever and never really goes anywhere.
Now when I fire up Opera Mini and go to youtube it works just fine and dandy.
It brings up more of a familiar page as if you were on your home computer.
By the way I'm connected to wi fi when I try either.

Is there a way to get the YouTube app to use the Opera Mini or what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

All you need is Youtube app version 1.3 (or less)..
Any other version above 1.3 will not work with our 1.5 Android OS..

Theres no need for the use of Opera or even the old school browser..
Just make sure you have at least 1.3 and you should have any issues with your account or watching videos..

By the way when ever the i1 bug update does come out it will have Youtube pre-installed..
However it will be version 1.3 anyways so ya... Enjoy
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