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Your Orange for Android - Connection issues

Hi all,

I've been seeing some feedback from Orange UK users of the 'Your Orange' application we've recently updated.

The new version provides customers with built-in magic numbers management.

Issues experiences are that the application is no longer logging in, not displaying your minutes/data/text usage, and that it is crashing.

I've been on calls this morning to try and determine the route cause of the issues you've been experiencing.

At first thought, the idea was the roll back to V1 of the application however after some investigation, we have found an incompatibility between a new API platform and Android. The API platform that was previously used has been degraded and we've upgraded to a newer, faster one. (Atleast we thought..)

For some reason, this has had a huge impact on our Android application, causing it to not respond and crash.

We're currently working towards the re-activation of our old API platform and transfer the Android URLS back to this platform, in theory - resolving the problem for now.

For some reason, the iPhone/iPad applications are unaffected by this server move, and the performance has actually improved (That's no excuse to move to iPhone mind you! )

I will keep you updated when I can over the next few days with our progress..

Very sorry again for this, but please bare with us, as we are sorting this issue...

Again, this is NOT a problem with the new updated version of the application, so there is no reason to uninstall it!



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