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Youtube alternative?


Deleted User

Hi guys

I am getting really annoyed with the Youtube app problem, "touch to retry" error. Once that error comes up, it restarts the video. I have cleared the data cach, and that has stopped the error coming up as often, but when I run out of 3G signal, the error appears and restarts the video when I touch the screen. Just wondering if there is an app so I can watch Youtube videos, that just maybe pauses when 3G go's out, even if I have a "buffering" message, then starts again at the same point when 3G becomes active again. Does that make sense? lol!!

I am getting really fed up with Youtube on Android, its ridiculous. Every video does it. I clear my cache evry time it happens, but still the same. I tried viewing straight from the internet site, but same there too. I have used 'Freedi Youtube Downloader' and seems to work great, but for some reason its not a very good search function, cant find certain videos. And pretty crap when your wanting to watch things on the go without waiting for them to download each time.
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Remove avi files from your device. This is what i noticed... after playin an avi file, my mp4 h264 playback was choppy. I restarted to find everything ok. Played avi, mp4 gone! If u wanna use mp4 h264, stick to it completely or else go for only avi ones. This solved my youtube issue too! I searched all forums but no help. This is what solved my problem. Hope it works :)
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