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Help YouTube QHD issues.


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Aug 14, 2012
Just git this phone. First off, it's incredible.
Just tried to same a QHD video on YouTube and I cannot set the quality over 720p on anything. I know there's a problem cause I have watched the same video in 1440p on my G3 last week.
So, I checked my G3 to see if it was YouTube or the Note 4 and it was YouTube. The G3 no longer has the option either.
Any ideas why? And any idea on how time get it back?
I hope this is fixed or fixable.
The problem lies with the youtube app. For some reason Google has decided to limit the quality to 720p.
There are a couple of ways to view qhd videos from youtube but they aren't ideal.
Firstly you can go to the desktop version of youtube within chrome and watch the videos in browser. However, it does seem to stutter quite a bit.
The other option is to copy the link to the video using the app (share via - copy to clipboard) and paste it into the full site version of clipconverter.cc. You then get options to download in different qualities. Just be aware that higher resolution videos are massive in size!
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