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You've reached your allowance - may be cut off


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Feb 6, 2010
1st time this has happened to me... normally I live in a house with wi-fi but currently I'm elsewhere, so data usage higher...

Got a txt this morning, 1 days before the end of my month-end-date for contract, stating...
"You've reached your allowance under the 3 Fair Use Policy.
You may be cut off if you use more data before 10/08/10.."

The 3 "Check my usage" website simply says "You've not used any data outside your allowance" but don't show what I have used - anyone know how to check from 3 ??

I also run 3G Watchdog but that shows me 60Mb off the limit, 1Gb.. but 3G Watchdog point out carriers can/do measure differently from them...

Couple of questions...
a) How to find out from 3 what data usage is currently?? (I'd do anything to avoid calling "Customer Service").
b) Anyone know if punters have ever been actually cut off, (ie can't make 'phone calls??) or is this just a threat prior to being charged shedloads for excess data usage??
c) Are there any "3" forums out there that might help??

Regards & thanks in advance

Lodger (Currently with 3G disabled..)
I get them all the time, at least every couple of months and everytime I query it with them I get told its a 'mistake'. Except the one time they tried to tell me I'd used 49392Mb of data in a week........

I'd give 3 a call and see what they say - from my experiences I get the impression they dont have the ability to actively monitor data usage themselves....
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