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Help Zoom before taking the pic, or crop/zoom after?


Android Expert
Dec 4, 2009
Being that I guess the zoom is digital, I'm guessing that there is no advantage to zooming in for the picture, versus crop/zoom the image afterwards.

Also, I believe that if you're going to put the image on a computer, then the computers zoom/edit software, while still digital, yields a better result than zooming with the camera. (at least it does with conventional digital photography.

Lastly, I would expect more camera shake if you zoom in first.

Any thoughts on this?
In general, its best to capture as much of the environment as possible, which means zoomed out. Digital zoom doesnt help and should be avoided when possible with a normal camera. Which is why I switched my DI off of widescreen, because it was clipping the top and bottom if my shots. On phones, though, it more comes down to convenience and what your purpose is. I zoom in sometimes on things if I'm mailing it.
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