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ZTJF Android 11 & One UI 3.0 Beta for Global Exynos rolling out


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Android 11, including One UI 3.0, Beta test firmware has begun rolling out to the Global Exynos phones some 2 weeks after their U.S. Snapdragon counterparts.

This Beta update is only being made available to those who have registered for it on the Samsung Members app and precedes the official Android 11 roll out in the next month or two.

So far it has been released in Europe to the U.K., (BTU), Germany, (DBT) and Poland (XEO), but more countries may be added.

This update should apply to all non carrier branded Global S20 model phones, SM-G98*B in the aforementioned areas.

The update = G98*BXXU5BZTJF

Download size = 1918.20MB

Build date = 20 October 2020 (15th build)


One UI version = 3.0

Camera version =

Android Security patch = October 2020

N.B. Beta firmware is for competent and experienced users as it may not always be fully stable.

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Looks like the U.K. Beta testing programme has reached the limit of participants that Samsung require and they have closed the Beta sign-up for newcomers...


However, all is not lost because if you head over to the xda developers forum they have a range of update files for the various Galaxy S20 Exynos models and locations...

OneUI 3.0 Beta] [EXYNOS / International] S20/+/Ultra Beta thread

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It would appear that Samsung have taken the opportunity with this newer Beta firmware for Android 11 to make some major camera improvements for the Galaxy S20 Ultra that are, for once, tangible.

The Global Exynos Beta release for Android 11 and OneUI 3.0 has had a camera upgrade.

The G988BXXU5BZTJF release has an update for the camera to version which brings with it some noticeable improvements as detailed by Sammobile detail, here...

New One UI 3.0 beta firmware improves the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera

These improvements are even evident to a camera noob like myself. It launches a lot quicker than before. Particularly as I use the double press on the Power Button method to launch the camera. The photos seem crisper and clearer and there has not been the occasional crashes, so far, that I used to get.

However, Sammobile state that there is an issue, "an excessive wobbly effect occurring sometimes when using the ultra-wide sensor. We’re not sure exactly what triggers this unwanted phenomenon but whenever it occurs, it can render your recording useless."

I have not experienced this yet but I am sure that Samsung will be looking into it before the eventual stable release. Any camera improvements to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are welcome particularly when you bear in mind that it is still one of the most expensive phones on the market and was sold on the camera's abilities.

[NOTE] This version seems to have started being pushed out to some of the U.S. Galaxy S20 devices in a second Beta update launched a few hours ago.
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