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  • Hello sir, I was informed that you have some experience working on warps...I replaced my digitizer and tweaked the lcd ribbon, checked connections and all to be sure but my hair dryer burned up so I dont want to put too much tension on lcd and actually fracture it. So I found two models : T43KPS09 and T43KPS00B. I believe based on photos from this site: ZTE Warp N860 Boost LCD Display Screen Replacement - $42.99 :, PDA Repair Done Right! that mine is a T43KPS00B because I have blue plastic and black ribbon cable matching their photo. I was hoping to find someone who could verify which one of these was the newest lcd that zte is only three months old..I seem to remember there being an issue awhile back and thats why there are two different lcd's out there...Anyways, I thank you for any info you may have and thank you for your time!
    Hey bro im trying to mod up my wifes warp . i personaly run the transfrom ultra with cwm and megatron 6.0.1 and love it am new to the warp. i got chevs rom win7 zip having trouble following the warp cwm topic i see alot of post of ones that didnt work. Is there a finished image that is working that you could maybe point me to and after the cwm i can just flash the win74.0zip with cwm like i always do ? thanks in advance for any help. im a dad also love your profile pic :)
    Hey, AD! :)

    Yeah, we're finally getting some much-needed rain here in Indy, too.

    We've been part of the severe drought area this summer, so this long sprinkling we're getting is very welcome.

    Just about to peruse-around AF...been busy working on one of my apps today.

    Have a great rest of your evening! :)

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