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  • Hi there - I've purchased ProClip items from you before, and I have a question.

    I went from a 2012 Ford Fusion to a 2014 Ford Fusion. I have an adjustable holder for my iPhone - I switch cases periodically.

    It looks as though I may have to get a different mount for my vehicle, but I'm not 100% certain.

    I hate to bother you,but you were so helpful before. What are your thoughts? Will the holder work and I'll just need to buy a holder? I think I can get it from the ProClip website for $29.99, but not sure if it's cheaper through you.

    I rarely check this site because I don't have an Android any longer since switching to an iPhone. I'll try to remember to check it, but if you get a chance and can email me at sandy@twisdom.com -- that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much for your time! I'd love to give you my business.
    I am going to buy a new car, the Ford C-MAX Hybrid. I already have the ProClip that I bought from you before for my Nissan Murano. So, I won't need the clip part, just the new base. It's been so long that I forgot the information you sent me about the up angle cable and materials I will need for the install.


    The only way the one extra I have is getting sold is if someone pays $300 for it on Amazon. I bought multiples to offset the cost of keeping one and the accessories for it so my outlay nets to zero. Otherwise I'd pass it off to one of my sales reps and try to bring them into the tech age, though I still need Quick Office to come through with doc editing for that to happen. Tough to do invoices when you can't edit.

    Hi there.

    I waw the msgs regarding the discount on the proclip and was wondering what you could tell me. I primarily use the 3500 battery so I'm thinking the 513176 is the one for me. Any idea how easy/difficult the electrical hookup is for the fixed install?

    Thanks in advance !!

    I saw a post about ordering a mount through you for My HTC EVO. I checked out the promount site, and I would like to know what kind of a deal I could get.
    Sent an email yesterday inquiring about a mount for an iphone 4 (516170) in a mazda 3 (853370) plus a headset hook (215283). Thanks!
    drop me an email at crogs571@yahoo.com, and we can go from there. I work through paypal and order direct from proclip so it drop ships to you.

    Hey, I saw your post about the proclip for the EVO. I investigated and want to purchase one. You mentioned a savings, how can I get that? Thanks for your help
    I need a proclip system for a 2010 Mercury Mountainer Center mount. Need the adjustable holder for the EVO . Would love to get the 10% discount.
    You can email me back rod@square1net.com with details.
    can do the adjustable and one of the move clips for $47.15 shipped. Sales tax if you're in TX, CT, IL, or WI. Drop me an email at crogs571@yahoo.com and I can send you a paypal request or just do the send money feature of paypal for $47.15 to the email adr and just indicate if you need the male or female clip. You'll be using that adjustable for quite a while. I'm on my 3rd phone with it.
    Looking for a clip for my Epic 4G - Already have a mount from Proclip, just need the adjustable mount for the Epic - I also use the Quick Change so I may also need another adaptor plate - Thanks!
    You can go either way with the Evo holder. They have evo specific holders as well as the adjustable that works well with a bare phone. I have threads in the Evo accessory forum for both products. If you do a quick search for proclip in that forum they should both pop of so you can have a look.

    Drop me an email at crogs571@yahoo.com and we can go from there.

    Hi there! I saw your post on the EVO for Proclips. I LOVE ProClip mounts. Apple 2G, 3GS and now I recently upgraded to the Epic 4G. Do you know if ProClip is in the process of making one? I'm the type of person that does NOT use a case. I loved how my iPhone would slide in and out of the holder with ease. Thanx!
    I'm looking to get the proclip system for my 2001 acura integra with the universal mount. This will charge the phone while letting it be in most cases, right? Also, is there any good way to play music through my car speakers with this system? I have the stock radio and so I do not have an aux in. Thanks for your help.
    db, looking to pick up a proclip system for a 2010 mazda 3 and 2007 honda crv. need the adjust. holder for htc evo for both cars. If you still have the discount offer that would be great. thanks, todd
    Hey Clark,

    Drop me an email at crogs571@yahoo.com. Make sure ProClip is in the title. You have two options for the Corolla as well as a Panavise option. Not enough room to post it all here.


    Hi Tracie,
    Is this in addition to your Garmin as you'll have them both mounted? Or will you ditch the Garmin and mount the Evo there? If so, you'd just need the adjustable mount to attach to your current dash mount that you used with the garmin. It'd be $41 shipped. I work through paypal as mentioned below through the below email. Any other questions, let me know.

    I am interested in purchasing the proclip adjustable car mount. I already have a proclip mount for my garmin - I have a HTC Evo 4G and a 2007 ford mustang convertible - what all do I need to buy and how much will it be?
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