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  • Hey Kouma Wanted to pick your brain if you have a min i am trying to reactivate my prevail after having a zte warp (seems the glass screen dont like being stepped on)
    anyway i need my msl and have no way of establishing a data connection to the prevail and even worse now my computers wont connect for USB mount so i can put on a old cwm backup im stumped any ideas??
    was wondering if your 1.7 apk. would be compatible with the htc evo ????.....your work with the prevail is awesome , htc needs more devs like you !!!!!!
    1st off thank you 4 all your knowladge of the prevail ......i have a question ? i am on fe16-ctmod 3.68 with you 1.7 app & sdtool on internal ,(32g card) what would be the best settings / partitions/swap......i know its a basic question , but all the info out there i have notice ,,,, YOU THE MAN !!!!!!! and the things you know about the phone is pretty awesome ... so thank you again ....and would be glad to send any and all info you need .....THANK YOU .........PATSFANN
    Hey Kouma, do we have a Odin image of the FA-19 with the stock bootloader? I downloaded Inigo's update and want to try to get working on the new update.
    well ive been looking at wetbikers post for the last four days, its here
    the prl... i just looked through the forums with anything saying sprint prl or prl.. 11119 is the buisness sprint prl. or something like that..
    ive been trying to flash 11119 on my phone for a while. but i just found out how to do it without flashing on CDMA workshop.. (it wasnt working for me)
    hey bro, i know you live close by.. so i was wondering. if youve changed your Prl.. would like to know if you have a good one that you would recommend.
    hey Kouma, i rooted, got CTmod 3.6, and your KK 2.5 using Caeadas guide to rooting the prevail. I am thrilled I finally done it but my prevail is so much slower than it was stock and wondering how to get it lightining fast like described in the thread.
    just updated 2 ur 2.5 & now my wi-fi wont connect anymore , says disabled ....any sugg. thank you 4 ur roms love-em , your fellow prevailer PATSFANN
    i was wondering if there is anyway 2 get the microphone work while plugged in 2 car stereo , i'm running your 2.4 ctmod 3.5 ??? thank you........... PATSFANN
    hey kouma, is the mod for the ZTE Warp safe? i didnt notice a way to restore it to factory if you mess up and i dont wanna risk it... the phone was $200. can you help me out?
    Kouma, I was running the new data2sd kernel hroark did and was getting around 1400 minimum (w/o and scripts) using Quadrant standard. Flashed to Kouma 1.1 and now the highest I've gotten is 1087. Is there a difference between them that would cause this?

    Addition: And do you know if hroarks version has the hotspot event monitoring removed as well?
    i downloaded a app called opensingalmap and it shows how far towers are from you, the closest tower to me was probably a 5 minute drive from where i live. when i clicked on the tower it gave me a ssd and ssid i know what ssid is but is there a way to take the ssd and enter in manually using ##3282# and under advanced ssd to connect directly to that tower?
    i really need help i did all the steps that ron580 said to do after i select DM my phone rebooted but it didn't reboot into download mode just a regular reboot..
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